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I-SOLUT is a design solution where we strive to help you find solution for your problem dealing with web design, graphic design, web programming and multimedia design.

Web Designing is not only the matter how to locate and to compose images and colours in and around the tables or cells or pages, but more than that, we focus at the image development of your company.

We will work with you to build the exact website that you want for your business. We are a small business so we are able to offer competitive pricing, while still maintaining excellent customer service. We offer a free initial consultation to the Jakarta and surrounding areas and we will sit down with you to determine how we can help to get your business online. Already have a website? We also offer web site redesign and web site maintenance at affordable rates, as well as web site promotion packages.

The designer team of I-SOLUT are those who are experienced, highly qualified and creative and always being challenged by the rapid of IT development. One of our designer has been honoured by Dean's Digital Media Australia.

Following are some of our principles :

What makes a good website?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is highly subjective. You might say it depends who you ask. However, following standard graphic design principles and adhering to proper technical guidelines usually insures positive results.

A good website must be developed with three major aspects in mind, optimization, content and layout.

"85% of businesses are found online through search engines."

What is optimization ? It is the web page's ability to be found on the internet. In order to be found by search engines, web pages have to be optimized or "prepped". 85% of businesses are found online through search engines. Many web sites don't succeed because they cannot be located by prospective clients. Building a website alone without promoting it will more often than not result in failure.

"A slow loading site can cost you 33% of potential traffic."

Layout should be simple and facilitate navigation on any given page of the site. Navigational clues such as home, back buttons and clear contact information all contribute to clean streamlined web site design. Limited use of Flash and multimedia is also recommended unless implemented with the greatest of care. Text, fonts and structure should be compatible with major browsers. A fast loading site is also crucial, research has shown that a slow site can cost you 33% of potential traffic

"Content does matter"

In addition to being optimized, web site text should be written wisely . Online content should be readable, usable, findable, accessible and last but not least credible. Online text should be written like an essay in a logical and rational fashion. Research has shown that seasoned internet surfers pay a lot more attention to content than was previously assumed. Typographical and grammatical errors can also have a disastrous effect on a web site's credibility and reputation.


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